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Given a list like alist = [1, 3, 2, 20, 10, 13], I wanna write a function find_group_f, which can generate all possible combination of elements in alist and meanwhile I can dynamically control the number k of element in each group. For instance, if the number k is 2, the function is equal to:

for e1 in alist:
    for e2 in alist[alist.index(e1)+1:]:
        print (e1, e2)

While the number k is 3, it would be like:

for e1 in alist:
    for e2 in alist[alist.index(e1)+1:]:
        for e3 in alist[alist.index(e2)+1:]:
            print (e1, e2, e3)

I wonder how can I implement like this? Thanks in advance!

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to quote:

function Recurse (y, number) 
   if (number > 1)
      Recurse ( y, number - 1 )
      for x in range (y)

Don't actually know how to quote, so here's a link: Function with varying number of For Loops (python)

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