The current vim i'm using is 7.3 version.

VIM - Vi IMproved 7.3 (2010 Aug 15, compiled Jun 14 2016 16:06:49)
Compiled by [email protected]

I tried to update vim to 8.0 by the command:

git clone https://github.com/vim/vim.git
cd vim/src

However, it doesn't work. It's still vim 7.3.

  • Download the latest MacVim release.
    – romainl
    Commented Oct 5, 2016 at 5:23
  • Actually, this is correct to build vim for console; make install to install it. Nice to know how easy it is without any package managers.
    – DS.
    Commented May 21, 2019 at 14:58

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You may have compiled vim, but the vim that's first in your path is still the system vim. You can show that using:

$ which vim

You can either call your compiled vim directly (probably in a folder called dist or bin), or put it in a place that is before /usr/bin in your $PATH variable. The easiest way to get an up-to-date vim on OS X is to use Homebrew:

$ brew install vim --with-override-system-vi
  • 1
    Homebrew is usually very up-to-date, so yes, you'll get vim 8 (I have it too).
    – L3viathan
    Commented Oct 4, 2016 at 21:18
  • 4
    I've just tried the brew install vim --override-system-vim command but it updated vim to the version 7.4, not 8
    – user6214276
    Commented Oct 7, 2016 at 11:30
  • 4
    This updates the command vim on my mac and not vi. To point vi to the latest version I had to add alias vi="vim" to my bash configuration .bashrc/.zshrc. Commented Jan 25, 2017 at 17:34
  • 3
    This is supposed to be: brew install vim --override-system-vi (no m at the end).
    – wting
    Commented Apr 15, 2017 at 3:40
  • 4
    @Steven Angular I had the same problem. Re-opening the console solved this. Commented Sep 11, 2017 at 16:34


brew install vim --override-system-vim

didn't work for me either.

Upgrade Homebrew to latest version and then use

brew upgrade vim
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    You don't need to upgrade Homebrew, it'll update itself automatically
    – UtsavShah
    Commented May 31, 2017 at 21:08

vim --version

$ brew install vim --with-override-system-vi

Sounds dumb but most importantly close the terminal and then reopen it to see the new version of vim $ vim --version.

  • 3
    God bless the sounds dumb addition, I was dumb
    – pjo336
    Commented May 2, 2020 at 18:16

You are missing the final step for installing from source after running make:

sudo make install

That should install it to your path.

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