I have column in my database that check if the module is open or closed. If the column is 0 its closed and 1 = open. How can I change the 0 to closed and 1 to open in my output?

$getModuler = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `cms_moduler` WHERE code = '".$prosjekt['code']."'");
while($modulinfo = mysql_fetch_array($getModuler)) 
Echo 'Status: '".$modulinfo['locked'].'"'; // <- Returns 0 or 1
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Use a ternary operator to make the simple on/off decision and load a var with the text you require.

while($modulinfo = mysql_fetch_array($getModuler)) {
    $state = $modulinfo['locked'] == 0 ? 'Closed' : 'Open';
    echo 'Status: ' . $state;
  • Thank you @RiggsFolly – Vegard Berg Oct 5 '16 at 0:18

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