I have a C NIF in my Erlang project that has limitations, due to libraries that it relies on (unstable libraries, or libraries that I need that don't exist). I think that I can do what I want to do, in Go. Can Erlang interface to Go like this?

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    I suppose no. But you can look this answer and this.
    – user4651282
    Oct 5, 2016 at 0:45
  • Not an answer to your question but you could look into Go-node. It uses standard Erlang distributed messaging.
    – byaruhaf
    Oct 5, 2016 at 2:07

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Summarizing the above comments into an answer:

  1. There is no such thing as a simple Go NIF
  2. The standard Erlang approach to needing to make foreign calls of moderate weight is to write a port driver. There's an example of calling Go from Erlang in this answer.
  3. A more heavyweight solution is to implement the distribution interface and make a whole foreign node. There's some code to do this that might be interesting.
  4. If you really wanted to make a Go NIF, you'd want to write a C interface to Go, then call that C interface as your NIF.

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