I am trying to get the list of users in a group called "Core QA Team". The deprecated API works fine for me. Below is the API endpoint.


But I keep getting below 404 response, If i try the suggested endpoint by JIRA.


I have tried different combination with the capitals and spacing, but no luck. Am I doing something wrong with the URL ? I have admin privileges also, is there anything specific that it looks for ?


null for uri: https://jira.mydomain.com/rest/api/2/group/member?groupname=Core%20QA%20Team

What version is your JIRA instance? Find the correct documentation for your version here. The default GET /group deprecation and GET /group/member addition is a recent change, it might be possible that your version of JIRA is too old.


I went through the docs.
This change is effective since JIRA 7.1.0 so that means if your instance is < 7.1.0 you can just keep using the old GET /group endpoint.


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