How can I turn the model items into a one string in C#?

IEnumerable<MyModel> test = _table.entity.ToMyModel();

Now my model is like

return new myModel
    Item1 = "This is ",
    Item2 = " a test ",
    Item3 = " to make one sentence"

Now I want to do something like this to turn the first row of the IEnumerable into a sentence.

string xyz = test.First().toString(); 

I would like xyz to = "This is a test to make one sentence"


This is one of the reason behind the ToString method being overridable.
You can simply override the ToString() inside your class' model and return whatever you like

public class myModel
   public string Item1 {get;set;}
   public string Item2 {get;set;}
   public string Item3 {get;set;}

   public override string ToString()
       return string.Join(" ", this.Item1, this.Item2, this.Item3);


myModel m = new myModel()
    Item1 = "This is",
    Item2 = "a test",
    Item3 = "to make one sentence"

  • Is there any way of doing this without listing each item? – user1854438 Oct 5 '16 at 22:25
  • Using reflection, but this will be very expensive and probably not worth the effort being the items inside the model together with the ToString() override – Steve Oct 5 '16 at 22:26

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