I am new to Python and I have an issue with it when I am creating a function:

I created a dictionary where the keys are parameters like n_estimators, C, max_depths for instance.

I have a loop where I would like to set the parameters for a given estimator (which is an input of my funtion) but I got an issue.

For instance let's say my estimator is a RandomForestClassifier,

The code will be:

key = 'n_estimators'
estimator = estimator.set_params(key=100)

I got the error:

ValueError: Invalid parameter key for estimator RandomForestClassifier.

I understand the problem which is that set_params consider key as a parameter (and not as 'n_estimators') but I don't know how to solve the problem yet.

I would really appreciate any advice here.


Use a dict with the ** operator:

key = 'n_estimators'
estimator = estimator.set_params(**{key: 100})

or you know, just

  • No I can't because I want to generalize my method for more estimators, I just gave an example with a Random Forest classifier. But my classifier could be an SVM for instance.
    – A.L.fibro
    Oct 6 '16 at 10:08

You could consider using GridSearchCV to evaluate a model over multiple hyperparameter values, and for different hyperparameters.

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