I developed an application in portrait mode in Android.
What changes do I have to do, that my application will be also fit for landscape orientation?

Thanks in advance.


Technically speaking, you don't HAVE to make any changes for it to fit to landscape. It you're using the standard wrap_content and fill_parent for your width and height, your layout will automatically adjust when you change orientations.

With that said, you will often WANT to change to a different layout when switching from portrait to landscape, as a layout that looks good vertically may be unusable when horizontal. You can add a new folder beside your /layout folder titled layout-land. In this, make a new XML file with the same title as your previous layout, and then change the layout from there. Be sure that any and all defined android:ids exist in both the original and landscape layout.


Make sure you use layout_width as "fill_parent" where ever required.

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