Right Now I'm creating An application. Here we have Help sections. Usually, Giant applications like Youtube,NetFlix and Vimeo are not showing their Help section in their App. But In our Case, We wanted to show the Help portions. So it will have some questions. But From the design,It is the same like Accordion effect.

enter image description here

I know It is very hard to do it. I don't know, how to to get focus if I use simple Labels.

I have tried some different methods.

Method 1 : By using Label one by one. So I can hide and show by using visible property.

Doubt : So how can I get the focus? so If there are 20 questions, How can I set focus?

Method 2 : By using LabelList. So it has autofocus.

Doubt : So how can I hide and show contents by using LabelGroup? I think, there is no visible property.

And finally, I used an Animation.

Please visit this image

For this, I have used Vector2DFieldInterpolator Animation

And Here is my Code.

<component name = "AnimationV2DExample" extends = "Group" >

      width = "900" 
      height = "330" 
      color = "0x10101000" >

      text="What is this?"/>

          width = "900" 
          height = "330" 
          color = "0x10101000" >
              text="This is a Roku App."
          text="What is that?"/>

          visible = "false"
          color = "0x10101000" >
              text="This is a Roku App."

          id = "exampleVector2DAnimationrev" 
          duration = "7" 
          easeFunction = "outExpo" >

            id = "exampleVector2D" 
            key = "[ 1,  0 ]" 
            keyValue = "[ [0.0,50.0],  [0.0,0.0] ]" 
            fieldToInterp = "AnswerLabel.translation" />





And Here is Brightscript

sub init()
      examplerect = m.top.boundingRect()
      centerx = (1280 - examplerect.width) / 2
      centery = (720 - examplerect.height) / 2
      m.top.translation = [ centerx, centery ]
      m.revanimation = m.top.findNode("exampleVector2DAnimationrev")
      m.answer = m.top.findNode("AnswerLabel")
      m.answerRec = m.top.findNode("answer1rect")
      m.qustion1 = m.top.findNode("QuestionLabel1")
      m.qustion1.translation = [40,100]
      m.answer.translation = [50,50]
      m.question = m.top.findNode("QuestionLabel")
    end sub

    function onKeyEvent(key as String, press as Boolean) as Boolean
        handled = false
        if press then
            if(key = "OK" AND m.question.id = "QuestionLabel")
             m.answer.visible = true
             m.revanimation.repeat = false
             m.revanimation.control = "start"
             handled = true
            end if

        end if
       return handled
    end function

So How can I do a successful Accordion with this? Am I going in a right way? Or If it is not possible, Please suggest me the better way.

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    I've never done it but it sounds like an interesting challenge. Did you try working with LabelLists and or MarkupLists? From the markupList example you can make stuff happen as the focus changes; sdkdocs.roku.com/display/sdkdoc/Lists+and+Grids+Markup – Joe T Oct 13 '16 at 3:06
  • Hi, thank you for your help.Here,the description portion should hide and visible. we can hide the whole list. But how can I hide and visible if I use Labellist with contentnode. Is it possible? – Renjith V R Oct 13 '16 at 6:21
  • I have tried with Labellist and Markuplist – Renjith V R Oct 13 '16 at 9:31
  • Can you please join to this chat? - chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/info/125578/… – Renjith V R Oct 13 '16 at 9:42

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