I am trying to do a math function in a function-block in Node-RED but it can only handle easier task like multiply.

I am trying to do this function but it can't handle the exponents(^). Perhaps there is a math function or something to declare this? It just returns a wacko number as it is now.

msg.payload = (6*10^47)/(msg.payload^16.66);
return msg;
  • You do know that in C++ the operator ^ is the bitwise exclusive or operator? You are perhaps looking for the std::pow function? – Some programmer dude Oct 6 '16 at 13:11
  • Hi, Node-RED uses javascript for its functions. Not sure how you are using C++? – knolleary Oct 6 '16 at 14:26
  • You are right.. It is Javascript, so it should be Math.pow(msg.payload,16.66). Thought it was C++. But the principle were the same! – Martik Oct 6 '16 at 15:03

The ^ operator doesn't do what you think it does, it's the bitwise XOR operator.

If you want to raise something to the power of x use pow:

#include <cmath>
std::pow(msg.payload, 16.66);
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You can use the cmath header which contains the pow function, in your case it would look something like:

#include <cmath>

msg.payload = (6*std::pow(10,47))/(std::pow(msg.payload,16.66));
return msg;

The number returned is the first parameter raised by the second.

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