I have a problem when I try to login to Firebase using the CLI. I installed firebase-tools using npm -g install firebase-tools with admin rights. The steps I do are (from a cygwin terminal on Windows 10 Professional):

firebase login --no-localhost

After this I get the message:

Visit the URL on any device....
Paste authentication code here:

Then, on my browser, I see Google asking if I give Firebase CLI access rights, I say yes and then I get an authorization code displayed on the browser.

I copy this code into the cygwin console and then:

Error: Authentication Error.

I'm at a total loss for this and it's completely stalling my efforts to get to know Firebase. All help gratefully appreciated.



firebase login --interactive

it will open up a browser window to authenticate.


I got the same issue today and it was because back in the day I used firebase and didn't remove this define from my bash_profile


try echo $FIREBASE_TOKEN if something shows up try deleting, open new terminal and re-authenticating

This works for me.


my FIREBASE_TOKEN was FIREBASE_TOKEN=' '. I logged out of all my terminal sessions and tried again and that worked.


In my case was bug in terminal in Visual Studio Code. On CMD terminal it start works.


On windows 10, I had issues with my firebase login through cli. I had to run my command line as the administrator and it worked.

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