I have two models connected in the following way:

var ModelASchema = new Schema({
  modelB:  { type : Schema.ObjectId, ref : 'ModelB', required : true},

var ModelBSchema = new Schema({
  text: { type: String }

I am trying to save a new instance of ModelA with a new instance of ModelB inside it :

var modelA = new ModelA({
        modelB: new ModelB({text: 'new text'})

The weird thing is that ModelA is being saved to the DB with an ObjectID, but the new instance of ModelB isn't being saved.

Is there a way to insert both documents and connect them with a single save or I must first save ModelB and then save it into ModelA.


You must first save ModelB as because you are used as reference in ModelAyou can not save it in this manner.

When you are saving ModelA it doesn't find refrence of ModelB that why it save only ModelA with _id

  • So as far as I understand there is no other way but to use ModelB as embedded document of ModelA Oct 6 '16 at 19:00
  • yes you can also do this but according to your schema u first save modelB then modelA Oct 6 '16 at 19:09

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