In Debug Mode i am trying to see values of variables but it shows nothing. I use Xcode8. Using Objective - C and Swift classes together. I dont have such problem in objective-C part, i can see values clearly. I read lots of posts and answers but none of them helped me. I tried to set optimization level = none under Swift compiler in BuildSettings. Also tried adding o2 and -O0 to other linker flags. I checked edit scheme and it is in debug mode. So i stuck. By the way if i create project with only swift language, i can see values of variables. Thanks in advance.


The first thing to check when you have problems with a new version of Xcode is to make sure that you rebuild all the Swift code (your own and anything you are importing from Carthage or CocoaPods) with the new tools.

If that doesn't help, it is probably best to file a bug with http://bugreporter.apple.com; it will probably take some back and forth to figure out what's going wrong and a bug report is a more convenient way to do that.

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    Thanks, i rebuilded everything but it is still same. If i open project with swift language, then i have no problem with debugging. When i open project objective-c and add swift classes then i cannot see values in debugging when i place on variable. Pretty weird. İ opened bug to apple. Oct 13 '16 at 7:20

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