I am trying to collect log for Android mobile device through charles proxy. As soon as I connect my device charles proxy Application, I lose the internet connection on my mobile device and mac internet connection.

Steps followed: 1. Open charles proxy 2. Click on Proxy tab> Proxy settings 3. Made sure, port is 8888 4. Go to help (charles proxy app) and click on local IP 5. Connect the mobile device to same wifi 6. Long press on wifi and click on modify network 7. click on advance settings 8. choose proxy as "manual" 9. Enter proxy host name as "IP address from step 4 (local host ip address)" 10. Enter Proxy port as "8888" 11. Click on connect

As soon as complete step 11, I lose my internet connection on the mobile device and mac. Though I can see the device's logs in charles proxy.

If I open the browser it gives the below error:

On mobile device: "This site cannot be reached. www. google.com unexpectedly closed the connection"

on the web (mac machine) error message is: "This site can’t be reached www.google.com unexpectedly closed the connection. Try: Checking the connection Checking the proxy and the firewall Running Network Diagnostics ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED"

Note: I have tried on windows 10 laptop too. Same issue. As soon as I close the charles proxy, the internet connection comes back.

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    Hi All, The issue was resolved for me. For some reason for each site I visit, I had to individually enable SSL (though I have enabled SSL Proxy in Charles) and individually whitelist each website link. – Kasid Khan Oct 13 '16 at 12:40

You should make sites whitelisted. For this open menu:

1) Proxy->SSL Proxy Settings...

2) On SSL Proxy press "Add" button Charles Settings

3) In Host add *

enter image description here

Done. This will allow any connections to any hosts.

  • For Chrome it is easy and I followed steps in ourpcgeek.com/configure-charles-for-chrome but it is not working for firefox/internet explorer – shamshul2007 Mar 4 '19 at 17:54
  • I had to uncheck the macOS Proxy option to make it work. The option can be seen selected in the step 2 image of this answer. – Novice Dec 26 '19 at 17:11

By default, all hosts are whitelisted. If you whitelist one particuliar host (eg. right-click on it in the log and click "White List"), this default behaviour will not longer be applied and you will have to decide for each host whether you wish to whitelist them or not. A solution to your problem would be to go to the "Tools" menu > "White List" and change the "Blocking action" rule to something else than "Drop connection". Charles Proxy White List Settings

  • Thanks! The whitelist option was flagged on for a fresh install for some reason. – alannichols Feb 28 '19 at 15:10

I selected "Tools" menu > "White List". Uncheck "Enable White List". This way all are whitelisted and not just the ones from Locations mentioned.

One more way would be to leave "Enable White List" checked, but Add an entry for both http and https protocols. Type * in host and save the changes. This way all locations will pass through.


For iOS 14:

  1. After downloading profile from chls.pro/ssl and installing it from Settings -> General -> Profile.
  2. Go to General -> about -> Certificate Trust Settings and allow Charles Proxy.
  3. Done

enter image description here

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