I have a slideshow on my landing screen that I want it to be fullscreen combined with a 70px height nav bar, I am trying to use sass so that I don't have to write javascript code for this, but


doesn't work. I don't know how sass calculates it, the CSS turns out to be


I did a quick search against this issue but couldn't find any useful information. So is this doable at all?

And if no, is there anyway to do it without javascript?

  • Try calc() — a CSS feature. – J F Oct 7 '16 at 14:52
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Try using CSS calc. It's pretty widely supported.

.slideshow {
    height: calc( 100vh - 70px );

No, it isn't.

SASS calculations are performed when the SASS is compiled down to CSS.

The height of the viewport isn't known until the page is loaded into the browser. So you can't take that height, convert it to pixels, and do calculations with it.

  • Thanks, question updated. – shenkwen Oct 7 '16 at 14:47

The height on css it us used like this below: height: auto|length|%|initial|inherit;

However, each of these should represent by numbers of px or etc. And the description for each value as following:

auto:(default) The browser calculates the height.

length:Defines the height in px, cm, etc.

%:Defines the height in percent of the containing block.

initial:Specifies that the value of the property should be set to the default value. inherit:Specifies that the value of the property should be inherited from the parent element.

Example to set the height and width for a paragraph is like this:

P {height: 100px; Width:100px;}

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