I'm working with QT and embedded devices and in many documentation items ( like here) they are talking about sysroots. I've searched the web but I couldn't find anything about what a sysroot is. I have a cross-compiler-toolchain though. What's a sysroot and how do I create one ?


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A sysroot is a directory which is considered to be the root directory for the purpose of locating headers and libraries. So for example if your build toolchain wants to find /usr/include/foo.h but you are cross-compiling and the appropriate foo.h is in /my/other/place/usr/include/foo.h, you would use /my/other/place as your sysroot.

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    I would find this answer more useful if it clarified the differences between sysroot and a staging directory.
    – mallwright
    Dec 30, 2021 at 8:14

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