I have Timer callback thread which executes a particular function every 1 second. After certain event i am changing the timer to 60 seconds by disposing the old value and setting it to new one (60 seconds). Even after i dispose i see the function is being executed every second. I believe some of the thread request have queued up from the previous timer value since the time take to execute the function roughly takes around 3 seconds. This is my thread function

 private void ThreadFunction(object sender)

This is the getEvent function:

private void getEvent() {
 //do the task

However even after i change the timer to 60 seconds i still see the above function is being executed every sec

something like this to set to new timer value

eventThreadTimer= new System.Threading.Timer(CallBack, null, dueTimeInterval, dueTimeInterval);

Could some one help me to over come this problem ?


As this answer says

Reliably stop System.Threading.Timer?

  • Basically you could use System.Timers.Timer
  • If you cannot do that you can do this.Timer.Change(Timeout.Infinite, Timeout.Infinite);

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