Android studio does not show any Logs I wrote in my code. I have tried putting the log to verbose and debug. I am using 'No filters'. Why is 'Oncreatetestlog' not showing up in my logcat?

package com.example.keydown;

import android.support.v7.app.AppCompatActivity;
import android.os.Bundle;
import android.util.Log;

public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity {
    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

        if (savedInstanceState != null) {
            Log.d("Oncreatetestlog", "onCreate() Restoring previous state");
            /* restore state */
        } else {
            Log.d("Oncreatetestlog2", "onCreate() No saved state available");
            /* initialize app */
  • did you select the right option in amdroid studio? – Mohammed Atif Oct 8 '16 at 14:30
  • if (savedInstanceState != null) did you put anything into the savedInstanceState to make it not null? – Minhtdh Oct 8 '16 at 15:06
  • @Minhtdh Well there's an else, so it should always show something. – P.Yntema Oct 10 '16 at 15:32
  • @MohammedAtif What do you mean with right option? – P.Yntema Oct 10 '16 at 15:41
  • There are many options on the left side of the logcat, tweeking them sometimes stops the logcat temporarily – Mohammed Atif Oct 10 '16 at 16:58

Go to File -> invalidate caches / Restart. And let Android Studio to index your project again. It works for me.

  • I tried, when I search the logcat for 'Oncreatetestlog' it doesn't show anything. Still not writing. – P.Yntema Oct 10 '16 at 15:40

After hours of searching and trying, I found out it did not have to do with Android Studio, but that my phone didn't allow Logging. See this answer for more information.


Alternatively, you could use System.out.println() to show the text in logcat


Log.d("Oncreatetestlog", "onCreate() Restoring previous state");


System.out.println("Oncreatetestlog onCreate() Restoring previous state");

If Log.d is not showing in your Logcat just replace Log.d with Log.wtf Like this:





It Works..happy coding;)

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