I have an angular app which is rendered for bots with prerender.io. The page is properly cached with an og:image tag and the cached pages also do have images visible. When trying to share the page, I cannot select any images.

example of website (escaped fragment)

When viewing the source, I can clearly see the meta tags.

page in the facebook open graph debugger

In the debugger I can not see any of my og-meta tags.

But when I checkout what the facebook crawler sees, I can see the og:image tag


  • Can the facebook crawler detect and render base64images?
  • Why are all my og meta tags not visible to fb?

No, the Facebook crawler cannot use data URIs for open graph tags.

  • Thanks, just in the tag or in general (in the whole page) – Andi Giga Oct 8 '16 at 23:04

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