i am using ElasticSearch2.4.1 and MongoDB3.2

In earlier version(1.x) of ES there were rivers available to connect with MongoDB directly. i followed: How to use Elasticsearch with MongoDB?

MongoDB River Plugin details for ElasticSearch https://github.com/richardwilly98/elasticsearch-river-mongodb

but the ES version 2.X onward there is no concept of rivers. i have gone through lots of blogs and sites but not getting plenty of information to connect ES with MongoDB for these latest versions.

i found MongoStatic and Mongolastic can be useful to make communication with MongoDB to ES

mongolastic: https://github.com/ozlerhakan/mongolastic

mongolastic: https://www.compose.com/articles/mongoosastic-the-power-of-mongodb-and-elasticsearch-together/

but these articles are bit complex than river plugin terminology we used because i am not having much idea about node js and yaml file configuration

is there any other other way to connect ES with MongoDB, i am using Postman to send rest request to ES.


As you wrote, rivers were removed in Elasticsearch 2.0. You can use Logstash to ship documents from MongoDB to Elasticsearch, this is the relevant documentation page

Note the comment at the top of the page, that's a community based plugin so you will need to install it as it isn't installed in the default Logstash installation.

  • i have to create ES index at run time and getting the MogoDB collection info from client through rest call. as per my understanding Logstash it is separate entity and does not take 'input' from client ie rest request. – Piyush Mittal Oct 10 '16 at 8:24

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