I keep failing to build a project with error configure: error: C preprocessor "/lib/cpp" fails sanity check

I checked and found two versions of gcc on my Mac Sierra /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/usr/bin/gcc and /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/usr/bin/gcc both gives version x86_64-apple-darwin16.0.0

then on default path /usr/local/bin/gcc, it is version x86_64-apple-darwin14.0.0

I suspect the default version is the wrong one which causes the build to fail, but brew upgrade gcc does not fix it. I tried brew unlink gcc, did not remove /usr/local/bin/gcc, and it is still the default gcc

How to remove the x86_64-apple-darwin14.0.0 version, and force the system to use the x86_64-apple-darwin16.0.0 version?

  • If brew unlink gcc really doesn't work (it should - try it again), then try brew uninstall gcc. – Paul R Oct 10 '16 at 6:21
  • already did. Now I get Error: No such keg: /usr/local/Cellar/gcc – bhomass Oct 10 '16 at 17:41
  • It sounds like your /usr/local is really messed up - I would be inclined to just delete the whole thing and re-install stuff from Homebrew as needed (assuming you don't have anything precious in there). – Paul R Oct 10 '16 at 17:43
  • its not just /usr/local. there is a /usr/bin/gcc which is a binary, and it apparently points to /usr/local/bin/gcc. Should I erase that as well? – bhomass Oct 10 '16 at 20:06
  • That's very wrong - the gcc in /usr/bin should be a symbolic link to Apple's clang - I guess someone has been messing with the default install. You might just want to re-install the Xcode command line tools. – Paul R Oct 10 '16 at 21:37

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