I have created a new project (infact its a default project of serenity). enter image description here Screenshot 1

enter image description here Screenshot 2

in the maven run configuration i have only added clean verify This runs the project without any issue but i want to debug the code in eclipse at the added breakpoint (as in screenshot 1) is there any configuration i need to add to the maven run configurations so as to debug the serenity projects.


Got the solution

Right click on project Debug as -> Maven build ... In the goals field put -Dmaven.surefire.debug test In the parameters put a new parameter called forkCount with a value of 0


Serenity and JBehave

If you are using JBehave, you can run an individual story in Debug mode by creating a class that

For example, if you have a story called buy_milk.story or buyMilk.story, you can create a class called BuyMilk that extends SerenityStories:

public class BuyMilk extends SerenityStories {}

Then just run this class in Debug mode.

Serenity and Cucumber

If you are using Cucumber, just use the @CucumberOptions to identify the tags and/or feature file(s) you want to run, e.g. to run only the scenarios or features marked with the @current tag, you could write a class like this:

        tags = {"@current"},
        features = "src/test/resources/features"
public class Current {}

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