I have the following raw data, in a dataframe:

0  BrokerA  Venue_1       300
1  BrokerA  Venue_2       400
2  BrokerA  Venue_2      1400
3  BrokerA  Venue_3       800
4  BrokerB  Venue_2       500
5  BrokerB  Venue_3      1100
6  BrokerC  Venue_1      1000
7  BrokerC  Venue_1      1200
8  BrokerC  Venue_2     17000

I want to do some summarization of the data to see how much each broker sent to each venue, so I created a pivot_table:

pt = df.pivot_table(index=['BROKER', 'VENUE'], values=['QUANTITY'], aggfunc=np.sum)

Result, as expected:

BROKER  VENUE            
BrokerA Venue_1     300.0
        Venue_2    1800.0
        Venue_3     800.0
BrokerB Venue_2     500.0
        Venue_3    1100.0
BrokerC Venue_1    2200.0
        Venue_2   17000.0

I also want how much was sent to each broker overall. and show it in this same table. I can get that information by typing df.groupby('BROKER').sum(), but how can I add this to my pivot table as a column named, say, BROKER_TOTAL?

Note: This question is similar but seems to be on an older version, and my best guess at adapting it to my situation didn't work: Pandas Pivot tables row subtotals


You can create MultiIndex.from_arrays for df1, concat it to pt and last sort_index:

df1 = df.groupby('BROKER').sum()
df1.index = pd.MultiIndex.from_arrays([df1.index + '_total', len(df1.index) * ['']])
print (df1)
BrokerA_total       2900
BrokerB_total       1600
BrokerC_total      19200

print (pd.concat([pt, df1]).sort_index())
BROKER        VENUE            
BrokerA       Venue_1       300
              Venue_2      1800
              Venue_3       800
BrokerA_total              2900
BrokerB       Venue_2       500
              Venue_3      1100
BrokerB_total              1600
BrokerC       Venue_1      2200
              Venue_2     17000
BrokerC_total             19200

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