The Parametric Rectified Linear Unit (PReLU) is an interesting and widely used activation function. It seems that Tensorflow (reference link) does not provide PReLU. I know that the higher level libraries, such as Keras and TFLearn, has the implementation of it.

I would like to know how to implement PReLU in Tensorflow?

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    Here is the TFLearn implementation of PRelu. Any specific reason you don't want a dependency on TFLearn? – Saurabh Saxena Oct 12 '16 at 1:02
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    I am already a user of TFLearn. But, here I am asking this question in order to learn more of the basic implementation of Tensorflow. – Hasnat Oct 12 '16 at 10:56

The implementation of PReLU seems straight-forward based on the PreLU implementations (see: Keras, TFLearn and TensorLayer) of the higher level libraries. My code is as follows:

def parametric_relu(_x):
  alphas = tf.get_variable('alpha', _x.get_shape()[-1],
  pos = tf.nn.relu(_x)
  neg = alphas * (_x - abs(_x)) * 0.5

  return pos + neg

Although the solution with tf.maximum is very efficient, it can't represent a concave function. Here's a solution that can:

def prelu(_x, scope=None):
    """parametric ReLU activation"""
    with tf.variable_scope(name_or_scope=scope, default_name="prelu"):
        _alpha = tf.get_variable("prelu", shape=_x.get_shape()[-1],
                                 dtype=_x.dtype, initializer=tf.constant_initializer(0.1))
        return tf.maximum(0.0, _x) + _alpha * tf.minimum(0.0, _x)

I think it's much easier to implement with tf.maximum

My implementation is as following

import tensorflow as tf

def PReLU(_x, name=None):
  if name is None:
    name = "alpha"
  _alpha = tf.get_variable(name,

  return tf.maximum(_alpha*_x, _x)

A late answer, PReLU already exists in TensorLayer



Just an addition to Hasnat's answers: (I can't comment yet.. < 50 rep)

If you want more than one different prelu layer, you should set a 'name' parameter:

def prelu(_x, name):
Parametric ReLU
alphas = tf.get_variable(name, _x.get_shape()[-1],
                    dtype=tf.float32, trainable=True)
pos = tf.nn.relu(_x)
neg = alphas * (_x - abs(_x)) * 0.5

return pos + neg

Then you can give each prelu a different name, for example:

prelu(x, "alpha1")

# convolution or other

prelu(x, "alpha2")

This will resolve the error:

Variable alpha already exists, disallowed. Did you mean to set reuse=True or reuse=tf.AUTO_REUSE in VarScope?

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