This is my first javascript that I have ever wrote aside from a few alerts and also my first post. So I have created an Html page and a external javascript file. Both files are in the same directory and I have checked the spellings of each file.

Here is the html code:


  <p>Press the buttons to change the box!</p>

   <div id="box" style="height:150px; width:150px; background-color:orange; margin:25px"></div>

     <button id="button1" onclick="divGrow">Grow</button>
     <button id="button2" onclick="divColor">Blue</button>
     <button id="button3" onclick="divFade">Fade</button>
     <button id="button4" onclick="divReset">Reset</button>

     <script type="text/javascript" src="javascript.js"></script>


and here is the javascript file:

function divGrow() {

   alert("This grows the box");
   document.getElementById("box").style.width = "300px";
   document.getElementById("box").style.height = "300px";


 function divColor() {

   alert("This changes the Box to Blue");
   document.getElementById("box").style.backgroundColor = "Blue";


  function divFade() {

   alert("This fades the box");
   document.getElementById("box").style.opacity = ".5";


 function divReset() {

  alert("This resets the box")
  document.getElementById("box").style.backgroundColor = "Orange"
  document.getElementById("box").style.width = "150px";
  document.getElementById("box").style.height = "150px";
  document.getElementById("box").style.opacity = "0";


Am I missing another link? To make the javascript code work?

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You forgot the () at the end of the function names.

 <button id="button1" onclick="divGrow()">Grow</button>
 <button id="button2" onclick="divColor()">Blue</button>
 <button id="button3" onclick="divFade()">Fade</button>
 <button id="button4" onclick="divReset()">Reset</button>
  • That Was it!! Thank you!!!! – Nuno1895 Oct 11 '16 at 15:05

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