I am doing some benchmark tests for Facebook's Yarn. For this, I need to clear my global Yarn cache.

Is there a command available for this? I have force-removed my ~/.yarn-cache folder, but this seems to be quite manual.


Ok I found out the answer myself. Much like npm cache clean, Yarn also has its own

yarn cache clean
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    In case others miss this, be certain to run this from the user account running yarn. In my case, I was trying to clean a continuous integration server with a different Windows account than the one our project builds on, and it wasn't removing files until I realized I needed to run it from that account. – daniel.caspers Jun 3 at 15:33

Just run yarn cache clean.

Run yarn help cache in your bash, and you will see:

Usage: yarn cache [ls|clean] [flags]

Options: -h, --help output usage information -V, --version output the version number --offline
--global-folder [path]
--modules-folder [path] rather than installing modules into the node_modules folder relative to the cwd, output them here
--packages-root [path] rather than storing modules into a global packages root, store them here
--mutex [type][:specifier] use a mutex to ensure only one yarn instance is executing

Visit http://yarnpkg.com/en/docs/cli/cache for documentation about this command.

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    That is the same answer from @nikjohn – Leo Caseiro Nov 21 '16 at 5:58

Also note that the cached directory is located in ~/.yarn-cache/:

yarn cache clean: cleans that directory

yarn cache list: shows the list of cached dependencies

yarn cache dir: prints out the path of your cached directory


In addition to the answer, $ yarn cache clean removes all libraries from cache. If you want to remove a specific lib's cache run $ yarn cache dir to get the right yarn cache directory path for your OS, then $ cd to that directory and remove the folder with the name + version of the lib you want to cleanup.

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