Is there any way to ignore the case or turn on the case insensitivity while installing packages.

Example, RWeka package. Is it possible to install it like install.packages("rweka") or somehow setting the ignore.case = TRUE, but there is no argument like that to install.packages()

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    Theoretically there could be two packages RWeka and rweka (although CRAN would not allow that). However, you should not need that. – Roland Oct 12 '16 at 10:37

Package names are case sensitive. Therefore you may not get a unique match if you ignore the case. Having said that, the best way to achieve what you want is:

#get list of packages
packages <- available.packages()[,"Package"]
#find matches by ignoring case
my_packs <- packages[grep("^rweka$",packages,ignore.case=TRUE)]
#install - beware of multiple matches

Note the regexp in grep specifies the start and end of the string, otherwise you might end up with even more packages that contain what you want as a sub-string.


You can augment R with:

install_p <- function(x) {
  av <- available.packages()
  av <- setNames(av[,"Package"], tolower(av[,"Package"]))

in your ~/.Rprofile and it will be safe to do:




is 0 as Roland noted in his comment.

CRAN may loosen their own internal policies as the volume of R packages grows (it's near 10K now) but I suspect they'd still not allow matching names.

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