I am new to WSO2 API Manager. I have installed it to proxy my REST endpoints and to do access management via oAuth2. Great! I managed to get access to my backend REST implementation through the oAuth2 process of API Manager (via API console). Now I want to setup the complete roundtrip starting from a user authentication process where identity is verified with corresponding roles. So...

Next I want to create a single page app and bring an authentication step by either redirect the user to a login page (authentication service) or let the user interact with single app page directly and let the single app page do the login to some authentication service.

Question: Can I use the Key Manager component of the API Manager to handle user authentication (oAuth2 based) or do I need to install the WSO2 Identity Server to handle the authentication?

I see that WSO2 API Manager can host Users and Roles, a User Store and an endpoint to handle (authz) token requests, but can it also handle a login (authentication) request from my single app?


You can use APIM with OAuth2 Authorization code grant type. See this sample in identity server docs, but use below endpoints of APIM instead of IS endpoints.


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