In ES6, is it possible to shorten the following code. I have an App.js file and an index.js.


import App from './App';

export default App;

Something like this


export default App from './App.js'

If you use proposal-export-default-from Babel plugin (which is a part of stage-1 preset), you'll be able to re-export default using the following code:

export default from "./App.js"

For more information see the ECMAScript proposal.

Another way (without this plugin) is:

export { default } from "./App.js"
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    export { default as MyModule } from "./my-modue.js"; const { oneSmallFunction } = MyModule Just going extra mile. – Alan Dong Oct 18 '18 at 21:48
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    @AlanDong your suggestions looks like a very valid solution to me. Why don't you post it as an answer ? – Danielo515 Nov 16 '18 at 8:31
import App from './App';

export default App;

Babel 7 (with @babel/preset-react) can transform the below:

export { default as App } from './App.js';

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This is a bit of repetition from the previous answers, but to clarify the difference in two options:

1. default export

(This appears to be what OP wants)

export { default } from './App'

// in a different file
import App from './index'

2. named export

export { default as App } from './App'

// in another file
import { App } from './index'

These will work with react as vsync's answer states.

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