I'd like to disable tracking for a specific link in a campaign.

The reason I need to do this is Mailchimp/Mandrill's tracking creates a scenario where Universal Links do not work.


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I'd like (1) to be a regular link, with no Mailchimp tracking I'd like (2) to track as normal.

In Mandrill I achieve this by adding mc:disable-tracking to the HTML of my template

Is it possible to do this within Mailchimp?



From my experience with MailChimp, you can't turn off click tracking on a link-by-link basis. It's all or nothing for a given campaign. MailChimp has a support document on how to do this, but the gist of it is a simple checkbox when configuring the campaign options:

enter image description here

Incidentally lack of click tracking in emails is currently a major drawback of Universal Links. If you're using one of the major email systems (Responsys, ExactTarget, SendGrid, or SailThru) Branch.io [full disclosure: I'm on the Branch team] offers an integration to fix this, but unfortunately the MailChimp version is taking somewhat longer to get live (feel free to let them know you want such a thing!)

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    Thanks Alex! I was talking to Kevin last week and put my vote in for it – timbroder Oct 19 '16 at 16:56

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