I've tried to find a solution in other posts but no solution found.

I'm using Sublime text 3 and since I installed last update 3126, when I put my mouse over a function, in PHP ou Javascript, I get a list of all files using this function and it's useless for me and takes all place on my screen.

How can I hide this ?

Sublime Text 3 Definition mouse over function

I'm using those Packages :

  • alignment
  • compare side by side
  • Emmet
  • minifier
  • Sidebar
  • livereload
  • SFTP
  • Sublimelinter
  • colorpicker

I love this tool but I need a bit more help to configure my own options.

Thanks for help !

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Also new in 3124 is Show Definition, which will show where a symbol is defined when hovering over it with the mouse. This makes use of the new on_hover API, and can be controlled via the show_definitions setting. — Sublime Text Blog

Show definitions on hovers can be disabled via the show_definitions setting.


Menu > Preferences > Settings (Preferences.sublime-settings - User)

    "show_definitions": false


Menu > Project > Edit Project

    "settings": {
        "show_definitions": false

Similar to this SO question on inline build errors.

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