I am trying to count distinct rows in table in sql that will output a value that corresponds to the orders..

I have CustomerID and OrderNumber and if a customer places more than 1 order in the system on a particular day I want to be able to label each distinct order with a number like below (The number will need to increase with every change or ordernumber from multiple rows (As the rows also contain each item purchased)

OrderNumber CustomerID      Seq Number
BINV0024536 FOBJAMBLU       1
BINV0024536 FOBJAMBLU       1
BINV0024789 FOBJAMBLU       2
BINV0024789 FOBJAMBLU       2
  • Please provide DBMS info.. – Esty Oct 13 '16 at 3:59
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For SQL SERVER you may use DENSE_RANK().

SELECT OrderNumber, CustomerID, 
DENSE_RANK() OVER(ORDER BY CustomerID, OrderNumber) AS  Seq 

If you want to reset you seq with different customerID then you also have to use PARTITION

SELECT OrderNumber, CustomerID, 
DENSE_RANK() OVER(PARTITION BY CustomerID ORDER BY CustomerID, OrderNumber) AS  Seq 
  • This worked perfectly thanks heaps!!! – Benjamin Sowden Oct 13 '16 at 4:16

You can generate virtual rownum and join it from another select:

SELECT ot.orderNumber, ot.customerId, usr.rowCounter
    FROM Order ot
        INNER JOIN
           (SELECT otr.orderNumber, otr.customerId, rownum as rowCounter
               FROM Order otr
               GROUP BY otr.orderNumber, otr.customerId
               ORDER BY otr.orderNumber, otr.customerId
           ) usr
           ON usr.orderNumber = ot.orderNumber AND usr.customerId = ot.orderNumber

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