Why does new List<string>().ToString(); return the following:?


Why wouldn't it just bring back System.Collections.Generic.List<System.String>. What's with the strange non C# syntax?

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    Just in case yo would like to get name with <> brackets stackoverflow.com/a/14284719/797249
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Because <> brackets is C# syntax. The System.Object.ToString() implementation returns the type name with the CLR syntax.

Consider this:


Looks nice when you're developing in C#, but say you call ToString from C++/CLI. Would you expect the following instead?


Obviously, the behavior shouldn't change based on which language the caller was compiled in, so the returned string is language-neutral.

This MSDN page lists the type name conventions used by the CLR. (Thanks to Matthew Watson for the link).

As for the arity (the `1 part), you can find more info in ECMA-335 (the CLI specification):

I.10.7.2 Type names and arity encoding

CLS-compliant generic type names are encoded using the format name[`arity] , where [...] indicates that the grave accent character ` and arity together are optional. The encoded name shall follow these rules:

  1. name shall be an ID (see Partition II) that does not contain the ` character.
  2. arity is specified as an unsigned decimal number without leading zeros or spaces.
  3. For a normal generic type, arity is the number of type parameters declared on the type.
  4. For a nested generic type, arity is the number of newly introduced type parameters.
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    Also see here, which has a table with all the different symbols used for CLR type names. Oct 13 '16 at 11:13
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    @MatthewWatson thanks for the link, I was actually trying to find that in the docs, I'll add that to the answer if you don't mind Oct 13 '16 at 11:19
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