I've received a letter from Google today. It should contain PIN which verifies my address, so I could pay out money I've earned from ads on my Android app. Instead it is a business verification code for some company - or at least what I think it is. It says Google My Business on the inside and has 5-letter code as well as these 3 steps:

  1. Visit google.com/verifymybusiness
  2. Sign in to your Google account.
  3. Enter your verification code and submit!

I've typed once already this verification code on AdMob site, but it said it's incorrect. After 3 failed verifications the ads will be suspended, so I just want to be sure - if that could really be the Google mistake and I should just wait for "Ask for new address verification PIN" link to unlock on AdMob site? I've sent them an email as well, but I don't even know if the address was correct, because it was so hard to find and it was through some help form...


Today, which is 3 days after I received first letter (with wrong informations), I got second letter from Google - now, with Google AdSense PIN, which correctly confirmed my address!

My guess is to be patient. ;)

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