I'm attaching a metadata to each client grpc service call (containing a token), and I'd like to validate this token one the server, once globally (instead of repeating the validation code in each server service definition).

From my understanding, there is something called "Interceptor" for grpc, which is somewhat similar to http middleware.

Any example for Nodejs grpc interceptor? (or any other way to achieve something similar with http middleware?)

Many thanks!

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node-grpc doesn't support "middleware" feature yet, as per answer here.


Auth() just came out(?) with a node package called Mali that serves as a minimalistic grpc framework! Very, very, nascent - so take it with a grain of salt. But very worth looking into :)


You can try condor framework. It aims to be something like express for grpc: it's a framwework that adds the middleware functionality on top of the grpc module.

It's relatively new, but it's open source (MIT license), and we're using it on a large project with very good results.

Disclaimer: I'm the author.

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