Unexpectedly stopped working for me debugging classic ASP in Visual Studio 2015. I have enabled Server-Side Debugging and on error and trying to lunch VS (and break app) I got error that I need to find file to view source. When I trying to browse for it I got another error with "Unable to open script document". Also when I set breakpoints in code and app reach this places I got this same message: "Unable to open script document".

I tried to:

  • uninstall/install VS
  • reset all VS settings
  • remove/add IIS

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After day of searching solutions I found cause of the problem.. Yesterday I added prefered editor to .asp files in Tools -> Options -> Text Editor -> File Extension. After removing .asp extension from list Debugging start working.

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I had this same issue but off of a fresh upgrade to Visual Studio 2017. It was my exception settings catching 3rd party java script libraries being loaded in. I fixed this by turning off JavaScript Runtime Exceptions and WebKitJavaScript Exceptions.

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