I've got a problem setting background color of a TextField:

private TextField mValueField;

public void setFgColor(int color) {

    if (color == Controller.WHITE_COLOR) {
    } else if (color == Controller.RED_COLOR) {

The first call sets white color, subsequent calls set white or red color but the TextField's background remains white all the time. If i change the color of the first call to red then the TextField's background color becomes red but also never changes if setting to white later-on.


After changing the bg color, you should immediately call mValueField.getComponentForm().repaint(); or mValueField.getParent().repaint();

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    I'd also add that since the text field has a border a color background will not make a difference. So mValueField.getAllStyles().setBorder(null) would set the color but it's probably not the "right way"... I would suggest using setUIID("TextFieldInvalid") and styling that. Which seems to be what he is trying to do – Shai Almog Oct 15 '16 at 2:23

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