I am trying to adapt syncing data with pouchdb for Ionic 2 RC.0: http://www.joshmorony.com/syncing-data-with-pouchdb-and-cloudant-in-ionic-2/for

I have installed pouchdb:

npm install pouchdb

Import it in data.ts file:

import pouchdb from 'pouchdb';

But I am unable to use it this.db = new pouchdb('abc');

Nothing is displaying on the screen.


This is what I did with PouchDB and Ionic 2 rc0.

npm install --save pouchdb to install PouchDB

npm install --save @types/pouchdb to install PouchDB typings

Then, in your code you have to import PouchDB:

import PouchDB from 'pouchdb';

To initialize your db:

this.db = new PouchDB( 'myDB', {adapter: 'websql'} );

If you need to synchronize your db with local CouchDB server (very useful to have a look at your PouchDB db content):

this.remote = 'http://localhost:5984/myDB';
let options = {
  live: true,
  retry: true,
  continuous: true
this.db.sync( this.remote, options );

If it still doesn't work, then try:

typings install --global --save dt~pouchdb dt~pouchdb-adapter-websql dt~pouchdb-browser dt~pouchdb-core dt~pouchdb-http dt~pouchdb-mapreduce dt~pouchdb-node dt~pouchdb-replication

Good luck to you, as Ionic 2 rc0 is a nightmare to compile (build) for now...

The Ionic team is working hard to solve compilation problems, but it still sucks...

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