How to get a DUID for Tizen tablet. Connection Explorer - Device - Properties didn't get such information:

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As I know DUID is not standard specification of Tizen.

It is served only Gear devices.

You can get it with following command.

sdb shell /opt/etc/duid-gadget

/opt/etc/duid-gadget is not in specification of Tizen. so it can be changed in any time. (But currently it works in Gear S, S2)


The DUID of recent mobile and wearable devices start with a 2.0# but old devices are 1.0#. If a distributor certificate contains a 1.0# DUID, all devices with that certificate need one more step, see the Permit device to install apps guide.

As a current Samsung developer site, DUID can start with "1.0#" or "2.0#" But in my gear device if you put any string after duid-gadget DUID changed to "2.0#"

sdb shell /opt/etc/duid-gadget

it print out 1.0#Ex1e7gjyXb4APXye6vQXiY= but

sdb shell /opt/etc/duid-gadget anystring

will print out 2.0#Ex1e7gjyXb4APXye6vQXiY=

I think maybe old device (like samsung gear 1 or 2) can get only "1.0#" DUID but I suggest to try to get "2.0#" DUID because "2.0#" DUID is easier to use than "1.0#". (you did not process "permit device process" wih "2.0#")


Start Device Manager, connect to your device, right click it in device list and select DUID.


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