I have a few pcap files, I can see the memcache protocol in wireshark and its corresponding data, but when I use tshark to batch export data, it only shows one character(0x0b), why?

the command I use: tshark -Y "memcache contains set" -r input.pcap -T fields -e memcache.value Thank you! BTW, memcache key works fine. And I can't share the files here as they are confidential.

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Works for me:

$tshark -r 3006-example.cap -Y "memcache.command==set" -T fields -e memcache.value
hello, world!

Test file: that attached to Wireshark bug 3467

I do note that 0x0b is not a printable ascii character. The memcache dissector assumes that the 'value' is an ascii string.

If you look at the 'value' field in the appropriate packet in your capture file, is it an ascii string ?

edit: looking at the memcache protocol spec, it appears that the 'value' field should be treated as "unstructured data" and not as an ascii string. Please feel free to file a bug report at bugs.wireshark.org

  • Thank you, you are right! The value is binary data, do you have any suggestion that I can extract this payload? @willyo
    – 1a1a11a
    Oct 17, 2016 at 17:47
  • Nothing comes to mind .... (short of getting the bug fixed, either by fixing it yourself or by filing a bug report:). :)
    – willyo
    Oct 17, 2016 at 23:09

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