I am using Swift 3 and facebook login, and save some basic values i get from the facebookSDKGraphrequest in user defaults like this:

        // save basic settings in standard user defaults: age, gender, first name
        let defaults = UserDefaults.standard
        defaults.set(firstName!, forKey: "firstName")
        defaults.set(gender!, forKey: "gender")

        let currentUserAge = calculateAge(birthday: birthDay!)
        defaults.set(currentUserAge, forKey: "age")

I only need to run that code once when the user logs in, then I save the info into userDefaults, and I'm set.

so the issue i Have is that recently, the last few times I build and open my app on the phone, my userDefaults was empty.

when I run this code in another class,

let defaults = UserDefaults.standard
var name = defaults.object(forKey: "firstName") as? String
var age = defaults.integer(forKey: "age")
var gender = defaults.object(forKey: "gender") as? String

I was getting nil for all those values. So now I'm paranoid because if this happens in a user's app, it will crash.

Can someone explain why UserDefaults would lose its memory? I did nothing to delete or reset the values. I went through probably 100 builds and this last time, UserDefaults' values were nil.


NSUserDefaults does not store immediately its content to disk. synchronize method is called periodically to write data to disk. It seems it is not called in your case. Try call defaults.synchronize when you have finished setting up your values.

(source : https://developer.apple.com/reference/foundation/userdefaults/1414005-synchronize)

  • that doesn't explain why UserDefaults would lose its data though, after It has already sychronized perfectly fine? Possibly what happened is that my facebook request failed, the values I got were nil, and I set the default to nil in my code.
    – makthrow
    Oct 16 '16 at 15:21
  • You're right, the data saved on the disk should not disappear if a missing call to synchronize was the issue.
    – Marcio
    Oct 16 '16 at 19:28

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