Trying to apply a default value in my code when compiling the file.

I need to set a defined key word to a certain value in my code.

So when I compile the code and it doesn't receive any definition in the arguments of the compiler it will use my default value.

I'm not to sure on how to do this, but I got a little idea:

#define MAXWORKLOAD 10

So if I put this in the code and I use this command line in the argument:

gcc -W -Wall 

It will use 10 has default?

And if I use this command line on the compilation:

gcc -W -Wall -DMAXWORKLOAD=5

It will use the 5 as its new setting?

I'm not too clear from reading the documentation on this.

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    Yes. BTW: why don't you just try it? Commented Oct 16, 2016 at 17:22

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Not sure how else to answer this question but...

Yes, that's right.

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