I'm using DataGrip and I'm kind of new in it. There is a case for me to connect to Vertica DB. As far as I know, there is no native provided driver for connection to that type of databases. What steps should I take to connect to it? Is there some driver to deal with?



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You should be able to add the Vertica jdbc jar as a driver. Download it from the Vertica site, then:

  1. Go to File / Data Sources
  2. Right click somewhere and click Add / Driver
  3. Give it a name
  4. Select the jdbc jar file you downloaded
  5. Set the class to com.vertica.jdbc.Driver
  6. Dialect: PostgreSQL

As for how well this works, I'm not sure. It really depends on how DataGrip uses jdbc. But this is how you would add it.


In addition to @woot answer

I would add that when you setup the datasource connection to Vertica. Set the URL with below format.

URL: jdbc:vertica://{HOST}:{PORT}/{DB}

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