How can I check if a page has a specific ID, and if true output a text?

I thought about something like this (pseudocode):

<f:if condition="{current.page.uid}=='78'">
    <p>I am Page 78</p>

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If you want to use this in an FLUIDTEMPLATE (page.10 = FLUIDTEMPLATE as example) you can access the page data with {data.uid}.

<f:if condition="{data.uid} == 78">
  <p>I am Page 78</p>

In an extbase Extension you can make it like @dimitri-l says.

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    It's FLUIDTEMPLATE without an underscore.
    – Daniel
    Oct 17, 2016 at 15:30

You can fetch current page ID via typoscript object


lib.currentPageId = TEXT
lib.currentPageId.data = TSFE:id


<f:if condition="{f:cObject(typoscriptObjectPath:'lib.currentPageId')}==78">
    <p>I am Page 78</p>

You can make a variable into your "page TS setup" like here :

variables {
    pageUid = TEXT
    pageUid.field = uid

So you can make your fluid condition as here :

<f:if condition="{pageUid}=={settings.homepid}">
    <p>I am Page 78</p>

for exemple...


You would need to pass the page id to the fluid template. If you are using an Extbase controller you can pass $GLOBALS['TSFE']->id to your view and then use an if condition as you did.

$this->view->assign('pageId', $GLOBALS['TSFE']->id);

I am not sure if it is already possible to do string comparison in Typo3 6.2, if not, you have to compare it that way:

<f:if condition="{0:pageId} == {0:'78'}>

Otherwise this is a clean solution for current versions

<f:if condition="{pageId} == '78'>

With the VHS viewhelper you can do it with fluid only, no need for a Typoscript helper:

{namespace v=FluidTYPO3\Vhs\ViewHelpers}

<f:if condition="{v:page.info(field: 'uid')} == '21'">
        Shows only if page ID equals 21.

Sometimes you need to give a link a class when the link target is the current page (here: uid=1). The inline version helps:

<f:link.page pageUid="1"
        class="{f:if(condition: '{data.uid} == 1', then: ' current')}">

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