I am getting this error when using the "field collection" module :

 Twig_Sandbox_SecurityError: Calling "uri" method on a "Drupal\field_collection\Entity\FieldCollectionItem" object is not allowed in "themes/communitylife/templates/content/node.html.twig" at line 83. in Drupal\Core\Template\TwigSandboxPolicy->checkMethodAllowed() (line 99 of core/lib/Drupal/Core/Template/TwigSandboxPolicy.php).

the code that causes the problem is this one :

<div class=" title-col col-md-7">

     <a  href="{{file_url(node.field_pressemappe_bildmaterial[key].getFieldCollectionItem().field_presse_bild_file.entity.uri.value)}}" target="_blank"> <strong> {{node.field_pressemappe_bildmaterial[key].getFieldCollectionItem().field_presse_bild_description.value}}

      <span class="file-type"> ({{node.field_pressemappe_bildmaterial[key].getFieldCollectionItem().field_presse_bild_file.entity.uri.value | slice(-3) }} </span>, <span class="file-size"> {{node.field_pressemappe_bildmaterial[key].getFieldCollectionItem().field_presse_bild_file.entity.size }}) </span> 



what is the best way to fix this ? is it by adding (uri) to the allowed methods in the sandbox policy ? if yes then how I can do that ?

I read in the twig documentation that I can do something like this :

    $policy = new Twig_Sandbox_SecurityPolicy($tags, $filters, $methods, $properties, $functions);

but I didn't understand how or where to put this code.

Thanks in advance


Drupal's twig sandbox policy (defined in core/lib/Drupal/Core/Template/TwigSandboxPolicy.php) reads from the global $settings array so you can define your own in your settings.php i.e.

// Override default twig method whitelist.
$settings['twig_sandbox_whitelisted_methods'] = [
  // Defaults:
  // Additions:

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