Is there a way to make index.max_result_window setting persistent. Also what are the available options to push this setting.


Yes, you could do that by altering conf/elasticsearch.yml. Just add a line to the end with something like

index.max_result_window: 1

and it will be set after next restart of the Elasticsearch

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    For future reference, this does not work any more in ES 5+. – see sharper Sep 18 '18 at 1:25

You have 3 options to set this parameter:


  • Thank you! It really helped me! – Thiago Jun 27 '17 at 3:43

Since this was tagged with nest, I assume you were looking for a way to do it strongly typed with nest. You can also set it upon indexcreation like this (here setting max_result_window to 20k):

await _elasticClient.CreateIndexAsync(
    c => c
        .InitializeUsing(new IndexState
            Settings = new IndexSettings {{"index.max_result_window", 20000}}

This was done with Nest v6.2.0.

Kibana confirmation afterwards: enter image description here

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