I want googlebot to index urls that are added dynamically to my sitemaps. Urls that I add are for profiles (example.com/username), blogs, etc... I use server-side rendering with react-router, and some components make api calls to api.example.com/.... After reading the docs about crawling and robots.txt. I had an understanding that googlebot makes requests to links as it crawls the page. Therefore the server gets requests from googlebot.com and googlebot also interacts with robots.txt in process.

Well, I don't want google to crawl my api or people linking to it. This would overload the server. And Instagram does exactly the same https://instagram.com/robots.txt

User-agent: *
Disallow: /api/

Due to my understanding, I am a bit confused how google crawls pages of public profiles (google "Kelly Slater instagram").

Also, https://developer.android.com/training/app-indexing/enabling-app-indexing.html#robots (last paragraph - bottom of page) says I need to instead allow google to make requests to /api/.


  1. Because /api/ is blocked, how google crawls Instagram pages? Does it wait for the response from the server and ignores robots.txt since it's an indirect request coming from another page?

  2. Is web crawling different to app crawling? And do I need to instead enable /api/ to make my future android app crawlable?

  3. I also noticed Instagram does not have Sitemap: ... field in their robots.txt. Do they submit their sitemap using apis of search engines like google ping or not?

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