I am new to iOS and Firebase in general and I'm struggling to find out how I can get the app to show the google oAuth modal when I click the signin button. At the moment, it comes up on the first signup instance, but I have to delete the app to get it working again. This can be a bit cumbersome if someone wants to change google accounts.

// Google Sign In
@IBAction func gooSignInBtn(sender: AnyObject) {

When I call sign out, it signs out, but the below modal doesn't show up again. It just automatically signs into the last signed in google account.

Does the try! FIRAuth.auth()!.signOut() function only sign out the member temporarily?

@IBAction func signOut(sender: AnyObject) {
            try! FIRAuth.auth()!.signOut()
            FIRAuth.auth()?.addAuthStateDidChangeListener({ (auth: FIRAuth, user: FIRUser?) in
                if let user = user {
                    // User is signed in.
                } else {
                    // No user is signed in.
                    print("user signed out")

enter image description here


Try adding GIDSignIn.sharedInstance().signOut() for signout

  • this worked like a charm! thank you :D – Clement Oct 18 '16 at 11:36
  • This is the correct answer and should be marked as such. – Geoff S Apr 5 '18 at 22:34
  • This worked for me. Thanks – Shruti Thombre Sep 19 '18 at 8:49

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