I am following google cloud machine learning tutorial and I am unable to Launch TensorBoard

I've followed the steps in the above tutorial (also set up my environment using docker container) until typing the below command in the terminal

tensorboard --logdir=data/ --port=8080

Where the terminal outputs the below prompt

Starting TensorBoard 29 on port 8080
(You can navigate to

When I visit in my browser I see nothing (the server where this page is located is not responding).

Can someone please advice how I can launch Tensor Board ?


Had the same problem this morning. Solved it with

tensorboard --logdir=data/ --host localhost --port 8088

Navigated the browser to http://localhost:8088

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    just spent 2 hours looking for this solution. You sir are amazing! – DankMasterDan Oct 17 '18 at 20:23

If you are using Google Cloud Shell you have to click on icon placed in upper left of shell window.


It looks like the port 8080 is not open on your machine.
You can check it with this command line tool: netstat -a.

To open a specific port on google cloud platform, see this answer from SO.


I don't know if that's the case, but tensorboard has some visualization problems in several browsers. Try to connect to with a different browser (for example, on my macbook, safari doesn't work very well with tensorboard and I use google Chrome).


as stated by 'rodrigo-silveira'

tensorboard --logdir=data/ --host localhost --port 8088

this works for me as well. just change the name of graph directory. here the directory is data/

writer = tf.summary.FileWriter( 'logs', sess.graph )

here, the directory is logs, so when I typed below command in cmd, below window appeared.

tensorboard --logdir=data/ --host localhost --port 8088

this is the window pop up


There are 2 solutions(as far as i could check) to solve this problem:

  1. Instead of using the http://name:port_number, use http://localhost:port_number. This is if you are using Chrome browser.

  2. If you are using firefox(recommended as it's really convenient), then you can open the link(which has your PC name) directly, which is displayed after executing the "tensorboard --logdir=logs/" command in cmd, i.e; http://name:port_number will work here.

(name here refers to the PC or user name)


you have to change port to the tensorboard port in the right toolbar in Gloud shell

enter image description here

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