I am developing xamarin apps under windows.

I want to regularly run the app under:

  1. Windows Phone Emulator
  2. iPhone Emulator

For the first, Hyper-V needs to enabled under windows.

For the second, one needs an OSX to connect to. I am trying to run OSX under VirtualBox. For this to work, Hardware Virtualization needs to be enabled.

Now, when I enable Hyper-V VirtualBox does not detect the hardware virtualization. And according to this, that will not change.

Is there an solution how I can test iOS and WindowsPhone without having to enable/disable Hyper-V (which requires a restart)?

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I understand your pain-point, but this is just not possible to attain w/o a system restart because of the simple fact that the virtualization technologies you mentioned here are of different types.

In your case, Hyper-V that you use for #1 is a "Type 1" hyper-visor which run on host machine hardware. Other examples in this category include Citrix XenServer and VmWare ESXi. The Virtual Box that you use for #2 is a "Type 2" hosted hyper-visor which runs within an OS.

If you need to toggle b/w these, a restart is eminent AFAIK.

A quick way to see the mode is by running "bcdedit" from Command Prompt to see the current config. 1. To disable Hyper-V run:

bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off

2. To turn Hyper-V back on run:

bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype auto

However, you would need to reboot in both the cases. I just mentioned a easy config way to make you understand what was happening in the boot loader when toggling between the Type 1 and Type 2 hyper-visor modes.

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